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What is a Halfway House? | Primary Purpose Behavioral Health

A halfway house is a recovery or treatment option for those wishing to transition out of a drug or alcohol rehab facility, mental health treatment facility or incarceration. Unlike a drug or alcohol rehab facility, a halfway house offers living structure and support without ongoing addiction treatment.

what is a halfway house

Did you know that “Halfway house” is an umbrella term for many different types of facilities?

In these facilities, people live as a group under a pre-determined set of rules and requirements, including attendance of required programming, curfews, and continued employment.

  • Federally contracted halfway houses are called Residential Reentry Centers (RRCs).

  • State-licensed halfway houses are referred to as Transitional Centers, Reentry Centers, Community Recovery Centers, etc.

These facilities work with corrections departments to house individuals leaving incarceration, often as a condition of parole or other post-release supervision or housing plan.

If you currently live in a halfway house, need sober living options, or need help with continued sober living treatment, visit Primary Purpose Behavioral Health today!

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