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Why Get Sober in Lexington, Kentucky? | Primary Purpose Behavioral Health

Many people know Lexington Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby, but there is another side to Lexington. Our community is vibrant, multicultural, enthusiastic and also riddled with addiction and homelessness, the two often going hand in hand.

The mental and behavioral health industry in Lexington, KY has become massive, with recovery and treatment centers everywhere - and still clients struggle to find the help they need from the people who are dedicated to giving it!

Getting sober and living sober require lifestyle changes that most can’t imagine - and this means seeing new and exciting options where once there was nothing. Part of the excitement of sober living is discovering how fun a clear-thinking life can be - and that means more activities! Primary Purpose Behavioral Health answers the question, “Why Get Sober in Lexington, Kentucky?”

  1. The Lexington, Kentucky area is self-contained, with a large city encapsulated within broad horse farms and sweeping fields. This creates a close and supportive community, and easy navigation to and from meetings, events or therapy sessions - along with in-patient or residential treatment.

  2. Lexington has an endless number of activities that are free or inexpensive - filling up your time with healthy habits is the best way to “fake it till you make it.” Check out a few of these activities and get some horse culture.

  3. A healthy lifestyle is important to sober living and Lexington is a great place for easy to access outdoor activities. Raven Run Nature Sanctuary is on the Southern border of Lexington and has over 10 miles of hiking trails. The Arboretum has themed gardens year round. Lastly, did you know that the Mammoth Cave National Park is free to enter? Just sayin’.

  4. A “normal” life and hobbies looks different for everyone, and breaking out and getting comfortable with the things that interest you is important to the sober living and recovery process. Lexington has truly fascinating exhibits and activities beyond the bars - like Monroe Moosnick Medical and Science Museum, which has life-size medical figures of over 200 cadavers. You can also take a guided zipline tour for some adrenalin.

  5. A big part of sober living is working on communication and being open. This often manifests itself on social media, and making Tik Toks might not be medicine, but it is certainly fun. Places like Lexington offer so much interesting visual content - go downtown, farmers market, fair or community event and put yourself and your talents out there!

  6. The University of Kentucky is huge here. It's all blue and we all love the home team. Try spending Friday watching UK football! They love the fans and love the support.

We know this isn't everything. This isn’t even close to everything to do in Kentucky or Lexington when embarking on a sober lifestyle. The point is, Primary Purpose Behavioral Health loves this area because our clients get into the sober life here every day - and we are here to support them all, along with our city of Lexington. Reach out today for more information about our sober living, therapy or outpatient treatment options.

Primary Purpose Behavioral Health will work with you to take your life back - and keep it.


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